Institutional Investors & Retirement Plans

Your pension and retirement plan benefits from the efficiency and independence of the manager and fund search process. provides unbiased access to a global asset manager universe. Investors and allocators can stay anonymous until the short-list is confirmed.

Fund Selectors & Analysts

As a fund selector you can utilize the platform to perform your due diligence with the most flexible process. You can stay anonymous and benefit from advanced analytics and reporting functions.

Family Offices, Foundations & Endowments

Principals and managers of family offices reach out to a large asset manager universe and pick the best suited manager for individual mandates with custom criteria. meets the highest demands and standards in the industry to deliver results.

Sovereign Funds

Investors with the most complex requirements and specific selection criteria benefit from our customized process. Sovereign funds value the independence and neutral expert role of the platform.

Financial Institutions

Selecting funds and managers is a key function of the platform. Financial Institutions also use the platform for information exchange between investors and asset managers and benefit from customized reporting templates and full documentation of the process.

investRFP reinvents manager selection

Professional Investors

  • select among the best asset managers
  • save time and resources
  • better decisions and improved performance

Asset Managers

  • access to requests and opportunities
  • information about selection and feedback
  • building relationships for business growth

investRFP is an information platform

  • no transactions, advisory or consulting services
  • RFP library and innovative analysis tools
  • proven track-record and continuous development

investRFP connects

Professional Investors

  • institutional investors
  • fund selectors
  • private wealth managers

Asset Managers

  • global universe of managers
  • all asset classes and domiciles
  • UCITS, mandates, alternatives, etc.

Response to industry challenges

We understand how professional investors and asset managers work.
investRFP is an innovative tool to support investors in their selection process.


Each investor request is unique. investRFP is the tool to set the requirements for an advanced selection process.


Asset managers respond to requests when the requirements match their own core competence and competitive strength.


Investors benefit from innovative analysis tools which support their selection process and improve decision making.


investRFP has developed an efficient feedback option for investors which delivers valuable feedback to asset managers.


Investor requests are anonymous but investRFP offers different levels of anonymous or open communication tools.


By using state of the art encryption technologies (e.g. 256-bit SSL encryption), investRFP ensures maximum data security.

Access is limited to professional investors and asset managers. Contact us to find out if you qualify for a free account!

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